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Anti Spam Bots Art Studio Trait Online Studio ASBASTOS

Use the art studio tool below to create a trait for the bots! 


Anti-Spam Bots was created by a group of friends who have developed a love/hate relationship with the NFT space and wanted to make a project of their own for two main reasons:

The first was to have fun creating an art focused project that had it’s own character and didn’t take itself too seriously. We also wanted give it a story which we could expand on, whilst not tying ourselves down to unachievable goals and over saturated ‘utilities’.

The story so far…
The second is the main reason for the name and concept, having been in the space for over a year and half, the thing we have come to hate most (as many others have too) is the spam/grind culture. The bots that came with it – both actual spam bots, as well as bot-like ‘NPC’ behavior from people mindlessly grinding for allow lists – are things we thought were ridiculous and wanted to bring attention to their absurdity.

We think Anti-Spam Bots will have constant relevance in a space that struggles with fake accounts and synthetic interaction, so join the Anti-Spam gang and let’s take on those pesky spam bots together!

The Forgotten

The Forgotten Collection is an ongoing expansion of the Anti-Spam Bots universe. They can be earned by loyal holders through various means and activities. This collection will continue to grow and offer new and exciting ways for holders to interact with the Anti-Spam Bots universe.

The Amalga-bots

After investigating a trail of rat droppings from the pantry, we discovered a hidden tunnel that led to a network of underground passageways. A few brave bots ventured forth and discovered the Amalgamation Chamber, a mysterious contraption said to have been in development by secret rat scientists for many years. Inside the chamber, we met Dr. Labbratt, the head scientist of the rat community, who graciously allowed us to try out his creation.

The Amalga-bots are a rare and valuable reward for lucky holders. To activate these special bots, these holders had to burn three regular Anti-Spam Bots as a grand sacrifice. This ritual unlocked the unique abilities and features of the Amalga-bots, allowing them to join forces and become a formidable force in the fight against spam.

The Forgotten Collection is a series of limited edition bots, each with their own unique holiday / festive theme. So far, collectors have had the opportunity to obtain Pump Botula, the dracula / pumpkin hybrid bot, which was earned by Mr. Proximity during our Halloween event.

Botsy The Snowman is the Christmas bot, here to spread joy and cheer during the holiday season. This bot was earned through our Secret Spamta event, where holders of the collection could gift bots to anyone they liked. Waldorf was the lucky recipient of Botsy The Snowman.

As the ASB universe continues to grow and evolve, so too will The Forgotten Collection. Keep an eye out for new and exciting bots to add to your collection in the future.