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Bot Art Studio

Get inspired!

Welcome to the studio!
Use the art studio tool trademark above to create a trait for the bots! You can create however many traits as you'd like! That's fine!
Create your trait, Download it, Post it on Twitter or Discord! An unknown amount of traits will then get added to the pool of bot traits!

Only draw ONE trait per saved image. For example, draw a pair of glasses, download, post, draw another trait.
Draw a trait from the categories below:
Base Colour: Choose the primary hue for your bot's exterior.
Body: Add something amazing to the bot's body, such as a funny sweater
Elements: Add atmospheric effects, like a misty backdrop.
Front Panel: Design the bot's face, for example, the iconic UWU expression.
Side Panel: Customize the right profile of your bot's face.
Top Panel: Adorn the top of the bot's head, perhaps with a quirky hat (laughing emoji)
Head Mod: Transform the bot's head with unique features, like a tape reel or a galaxy-themed brain.

Inspiration Image